Circle City Connect


4 Reasons You Can’t Miss July’s Around Town at Two Deep

Each month, Circle City Connect hosts an Around Town for Indianapolis young professionals to meet, have fun, and build connections at a different restaurant or bar in the city. Here’s a few reasons why you should join us at Two Deep Brewing.

1. The beer selection

Two Deep is a brewery, so of course the first thing on our list is going to be the beer. From standards like the Lake IPA to seasonal specials like the Lot 85 Hefeweizen, Two Deep has a deep roster of their own brews. They might even have a few guest taps available as well—and if beer isn’t your speed, they have wine and liquor available too.

2. The tap room

Some bars are dives, some are fancy. Two Deep is self-described as “your downtown living room,” coming complete with leather couches, handcrafted wood tables, and a fireplace (not that we’ll need a fire in July, but still). It’s a unique space and worth checking out.

3. The Cultural Trail

Two Deep is in the northwestern part of downtown Indy, only a few steps away from the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which stretches eight miles through the diverse and fun districts and neighborhoods of Indianapolis. If the weather cooperates, there’s nothing better after a happy hour than going for a walk!

4. A great deal

Not only will Circle City Connect be at Two Deep on Tuesday, but if you’re a member of their Mug Club, you can get 25% off a growler fill, and a Beer Cheese Burger with fries for only $10. So if you’re already a fan of Two Deep, there’s just one more great reason to come by. Good food, good drinks, and good companions—what more can you ask for?

Mark your calendar for July 11 starting at 5:30, and meet us at Two Deep Brewing! Grab a drink, meet some cool new friends, and learn a little more about Circle City Connect!

Dustin Brown