Circle City Connect


Getting to Know Circle City Connect

Happy hour should be fun. When you make the effort to go out after work to get a drink and (gulp) meet new people, it shouldn’t feel like work. The straitlaced, formal atmosphere of some meetups and networking events can make it feel like another hour at the office. They can stifle your personality, and what was supposed to be fun turns fun into stress and boredom.

The founders and members of Circle City Connect felt the same way. When you join us at an event, whether it’s your first time or you’ve made it to a couple of our events before, you’re always welcomed as a part of the crew. Whether you’re showing up in a suit or in shorts, you’ll fit in just the same. Finance, creative, law, construction, the service industry, higher education – your line of work is no barrier. And whether you’re young in age, young in your profession, or young in your Indianapolis experience, you’re welcome.

We’re committed to building bonds between each other and this community we share. Feeling like you don’t know the “cool” places in town, and you don’t know where to go to meet people? We hold monthly meetups at bars and restaurants all over the city, and invite everyone to join us. We do what we can to give back through volunteering and learning new skills to contribute to our community.

Meeting new people doesn’t have to feel organized – it can be organic and natural, like an introduction from a friend. That’s what we’ve always thought, and it’s why Circle City Connect is here. We’d love to get to know you – join us!