Circle City Connect


5 Reasons You Can’t Miss June’s Around Town at Revolucion

Circle City Connect hosts a monthly Around Town for Indianapolis young professionals to meet, hang out, and build connections at a different restaurant or bar in the city. Here’s a few reasons why you should join us at Revolucion.


Okay, good. Now we have your attention. Revolucion has your favorites, as well as some tequilas you may not have tried before. Whether you’re thirsty for a margarita, mai tai, or it’s time for a round of shots, Revolucion has you covered.

2. The beer list.

Not everyone loves tequila (weird, I know); luckily that’s not all Revolucion brings to the table. There’s a diverse beer list too, including beers straight from Mexico as well as some local favorites.

3. Taco Tuesday, obviously.

We didn’t schedule this for Tuesday on purpose, but consider it a happy coincidence. Revolucion’s tacos are some of the tastiest in Indianapolis, and you might want to sample a few different kinds to see all the menu has to offer. (And if tacos aren’t your speed, don’t worry – there’s plenty of delicious options on the menu.)

4. Fountain Square.

It’s been a few months since Circle City Connect has ventured down to the near southeast side, but the Fountain Square is the perfect place for people watching. After we start wrapping up at 8:00 pm, be sure to check out any of the other bars, restaurants, or art spaces that you can find all over one of Indy’s fastest growing neighborhoods.

5. And finally, a tiki bar!

If it’s nice out, Revolucion’s patio tiki bar is where you want to be. Let’s take advantage of the summer sun!

Now that we have you convinced, mark your calendar - June 6 starting at 5:30! Meet us at Revolucion, meet some new friends, and find out what Circle City Connect is all about!