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3 Reasons to Attend the July Around Town

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Our monthly Around Town is coming up on July 10 from 5:30pm-8:00pm. This next event will take place at The Eagle, in Indianapolis, at Mass Ave. Now, if you don’t know what Circle City Connect is, we’re a networking organization located in Indianapolis. We are made up of young community members in the city who have the desire to be apart of our community, and help each other grow- both personally and professionally. It’s a lot more then just trading business cards like you typically do at a networking event. If you’ve never been to our monthly Around Town events, here are three reasons to check it out and see what we have to offer.


1. You can potentially conduct business and generate referrals at our event. This is one of the biggest reasons why business professionals participate in networking events. Whether it’s an entrepreneur just getting his start-up running or someone in real estate who’s trying to find leads, networking is a huge opportunity for business professionals. The opportunities to be made while networking are endless. From client leads, joint ventures, business sales, job opportunities, the list goes on. Coming to our next Around Town could easily benefit you on a professional level.

2. Connections. I hear it every time. “It’s all about who you know.” Whether you’re looking for a job or trying to generate business, it pays to know people. Making connections at a networking event is a great opportunity to get in the door to talk to someone who’s influential, that otherwise you might not be able to speak to so easily. Maybe the person you meet at our Around Town event can’t help or benefit you directly but maybe their co-worker, best friend, or brother can. You never know who you’re going to meet. Building a network and making connections is important in the business world.

3. Fun. All the professionalism and networking aside, coming to this event will be FUN. It’s nice to head to a bar after work and grab a drink to socialize with your peers and meet new people. I’ve been to several Circle City Connect events now, and I’ve never met anyone there that I didn’t like. If you go to our next event, you might even make some new friends. And who doesn’t like making new friends! Being a part of Circle City Connect, I don’t just go to events just to make connections and find opportunities only anymore. There are people there that I genuinely like and consider them to be my friends. It’s always great to see and talk to them at an event! If you come to this next Around Town, I promise you’ll have a great time.


Ethan HorvathThe Eagle