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Get Over the Last Hump of Winter with these Netflix Shows

Winter is almost over but we’re not quite done yet with this cold and nasty weather. When it’s cold outside and we want to stay inside, most people usually sit on the couch and turn on Netflix to ride out the bad weather until they’re forced to go outside. Here is a list of five Netflix shows to help you get over the last hump of Winter.

1. Lovesick


“Lovesick” is a British sitcom, which was first broadcasted on Channel 4 in the UK but then was made available as a Netflix Original. This hit show wasn’t always known as “Lovesick.” No -- the original name was “Scrotal Recall.” Don’t be fooled by the obnoxious name though. "Lovesick” is excellent! The show revolves around an English man named Dylan, who gets the unfortunate news from the doctor that he has chlamydia. And like what every responsible person should do, he attempts to contact all of his previous sexual partners to inform them of his recent diagnosis. The episodes are told mostly through flashbacks, showing Dylan’s encounter with each woman, while in the present, he must figure out his feelings for his soon to be married friend, Evie. It’s a nice little romcom to check out.

2. Altered Carbon


“Altered Carbon” is a brand new show starring Swedish actor, Joel Kinnaman. Set in the future, the consciousness of a human is now stored in these implants called "stacks." When the human body, now referred to as a sleeve, dies, that stack is put into a new sleeve. This allows people to potentially live forever. Joel Kinnaman plays Takeshi Kovacs, a mercenary who wakes up 250 years after his previous sleeve was killed. He has been given the task to investigate the murder of Laurens Bancroft, one of the wealthiest men in the world. This is one of those cases where the critics didn’t like the show but the fans loved it. Ignore the reviews and check it out. It’s a unique idea that’s well executed. I also like how “Altered Carbon” feels like you’re watching a movie rather than a television show. I love shows like that. It also makes you think -- if this stuff actually happened in real life, who would you want to come back as in your next sleeve? Me personally, I think I would choose world heavyweight kickboxing champion, Rico Verhoeven. This is a great show. I would highly recommend you add this one to your list of shows to see.

3. Jessica Jones


If you’re into superheros and comics, and especially if you loved the Wonder Woman movie that came out last year, then you will love “Jessica Jones.” Jessica Jones is one of those superheroes that’s not as well known as some others, such as Spiderman, Iron Man, or Captain America. She’s an alcoholic, PTSD-ridden private investigator who works in New York City. Jessica Jones is one of those complicated heroes. She’s a very damaged character, but super tough. Jessica has super strength and can jump really high. These abilities come in handy when she’s working on a case. “Doctor Who” fan favorite David Tennant co-stars as the villain, Killgrave. In my opinion, David Tennant’s portrayal as Killgrave might be the greatest and scariest villain in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Killgrave has the ability of mind control. What makes him so scary is that he doesn’t use his ability to take over the world like every other main superhero villain. He uses his power of mind control for his own personal reasons. From telling an annoying individual to pour a hot cup of coffee on his face, to having someone murder their whole family like it’s no big deal, strikes fear in the Marvel world. Season 2 of “Jessica Jones” airs this month, so now would be a great time to catch up!

4. Stranger Things


I feel like most people watch this show. I don’t like to give out recommendations for something that, chances are, most people have probably already seen. However, I’m a late bloomer, and I started watching “Stranger Things” a week after season 2 aired. So in case anyone out there is a late bloomer like me, watch “Stranger Things”! This hit show is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980’s. Season 1 focuses on the search for young Will Byers who goes missing. His friends go out looking for him and come across a girl with psychokinetic abilities who helps them with their search. Season 2 takes place one year after the first season. It focuses on the characters trying to go back to having a normal life while being interrupted by the consequences from season 1. “Stranger Things” receives critical acclaim, too, for the acting, writing, soundtrack, directing, and its homages to 1980’s genre films. Give this show a chance. If you have seen this show already, watch it again!

5. Peaky Blinders


“Peaky Blinders” is probably my favorite show on Netflix right now. It stars Cillian Murphy, and has some familiar faces such as Tom Hardy and Sam Neill. The show follows the adventures of the Shelby crime family in Birmingham, England, just after World War 1. It focuses on the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and highly intelligent boss Tommy Shelby (played by Murphy). Praise goes to the shows acting, writing, and cinematography. I feel like Cillian Murphy has always been one of those actors who doesn’t get the attention that he deserves. You see him in various and famous movies, but he rarely gets that moment to shine. In “Peaky Blinders,” he puts out amazing performances in every season. Season 1 starts out a little slow, but as time goes on, it gets better each episode. Each season is arguably better than the last. Give this show a chance and you won’t regret it.

Post by Josh Wolske. Josh is a C3 Marketing Committee member who fancies himself a movie buff extraordinaire as well as a washed up, or to be put more kindly, semi-retired rugby player.