Circle City Connect


Why I Will Miss Being Social Director

Let’s start with a soft ball: “Why did you join Circle City Connect?”

That’s a great question fake interviewer. My name is Kyle Speckman and I am the current Social Director and future Vice President of Circle City Connect (C3). I joined Circle City Connect in May of 2017. Around that time, I had started to ponder my existence (as we all do in our 20’s - 30’s…), and thought a lot about my mark on Indy. As someone who has lived in Indianapolis my entire life, I found it somewhat sad how little I felt I had given back to the city that has undoubtedly shaped me. 

Kyle, third from right, stands with the 2017 Circle City Connect Board of Directors.

Kyle, third from right, stands with the 2017 Circle City Connect Board of Directors.

I had continuously been seeing C3 pop up on social media and I was impressed by all the cool events they had planned. I noticed they had an opening to become Social Director. I decided to apply and shortly after, I had an interview. I was excited and hopeful before the interview, but I still had my reservations. So, I attended the Around Town at La Revolucion in Fountain Square. This event, the people I met, the Board members I spoke with, all blew me away with their friendliness, approachability, and passion about their work and the organization. I wanted to be a part of it. Luckily, I nailed the interview and I got the gig.

I joined Circle City Connect because I wanted to get involved in Indy in a way I never had before and I really liked the people who were involved and attended events. But, what happened after I joined is what keeps me excited. I’ve made countless connections and friends all over the city. I’ve had the opportunity to plan events and feel the pride of seeing hundreds of people show up to something I organized from start to finish. There is no better feeling than hearing stories of how an event you thought up and made happen had a positive impact on somebody’s life.

To be honest - planning social events and being the “ambassador of fun” is a relatively easy gig. Bars and restaurants are always looking for ways to get new faces in the door. I believe being able to deliver new customers and help people experience local businesses is a simple and effective way to have an impact on the community.  Impacting the city and community is what I wanted out of my experience and Circle City Connect has more than delivered.

It is easy for us to stay in our “bubble” and get comfortable with the connections we’ve had for the past few years. But joining this organization and planning these events took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to view the city in a completely new light. And I’ve met some pretty darn cool and interesting people along the way.

The future of Circle City Connect is incredibly bright and I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Kyle Speckman is the  current Social Director and future Vice President of Circle City Connect. His day-job is a Realtor/Broker with the F.C. Tucker Company.