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Circle City Connect – To Infinity… AND BEYOND…

 Let me start off with  some background on myself and why I joined Circle City Connect (C3) and then we’ll talk about the future. Full disclosure - I was looking to get involved with a young professional’s (YP) organization because my work highly encouraged it. But, I didn’t want to settle. I wanted to get involved in one that shared my values and goals.

After some in-depth research, I couldn’t manage to find an organization that gave me that excited butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling about getting involved. Along with the lack of excitement, I was also anxious and nervous about meeting new people, fitting in, and being successful.

THEN, OUT OF THE CLEAR.. err CLOUDY BLUE.. err maybe GREY SKY … I was approached by my Director at work with an opportunity to assist in the financial aspects of the implementation and development of a new YP group here in Indy. Talk about being NERVOUS – Am I good enough to help this organization? What qualities will they be looking for? How do I know if I’ll fit in? What’s the time commitment going to be? What if I don’t like these people? These and SO MANY MORE questions were running through my mind.

I reached out to Jen (current C3 President) and set up a time to meet and discuss the organization, how I was going to get involved, and what my role would be… <fast forward 16 months> The meeting went great! The organization was EXACTLY what I had been looking for (no-pressure atmosphere, greater  involvement in the community, a spectacular group of board members to work alongside, and so many other great things) and I was incredibly excited and humbled to get involved! Many things have changed over the last 16 months. C3 has grown into an organization that I’m passionate about; something that I love talking about and explaining to other people… just ask everyone I work with! (sorry, not sorry) So, I’m sticking with Buzz Lightyear (I have 2 young boys..) and letting him explain where I see C3 going… y’all know what I’m talking about!!

But, more specifically, this is what I want to see from C3 as the current President-elect:

  1. Grow C3 both internally and externally –We want to grow our board and our Marketing, Social, Learning, Sponsorship, and Philanthropy Committees so that we can, in turn, grow our level of involvement in the community.
  2. Increase our awareness to the community and other groups in Indy – We want to be a resource to our followers and to the community itself. We all live here, work here, and/or hang out here; let’s make it the best “here” we can!
  3. Develop stronger, more strategic alliances – We have done a great job of getting our organization noticed by the community and other groups; now we want to capitalize on that  recognition and create as much positive impact as we can.
  4. Provide more opportunities for young community members (YCMs) to get involved – We want YCMs to develop a love for Indy and to experience all it has to offer. We will continue to offer free or reduced-cost events to help develop and build this love and passion for our community.

Overall, I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this organization and I’m eager to see what 2018 - 2019 holds for us!

Some action items for you:  

  • If you want to get involved, do it. Don’t worry about being nervous or anxious, we don’t mind and we already like you and ALL of your fun quirks.
  • If you’re Indy-young (new to Indy), job-young (new to your job), or just plain young-young (including FEELING young), we want you to come check us out!
  • Have questions? Send me an email! ( I promise an honest and candid answer!
  • Last thing, we want you to have fun, feel comfortable, and be involved. But no pressure…😊

Post by Dustin Brown, the current Finance Director and future President of Circle City Connect. Dustin has been with Circle City Connect since shortly after its inception and will lead the organization for 2018 - 2019. 

Ethan Horvath