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Why You Should Join the Board of Directors for Circle City Connect

Thank you Indy! It's been an incredible first year. From raising $13,500+ for local, non-profits we believe in, to hosting 30+ events in 2017, to accomplishing our mission of making young community members feel more involved and engaged in all things Indy, we are eager to see what is to come. That’s where YOU come in. We are looking for a Social Director, Learning Director, Creative Director, Philanthropy Director, and Sponsorship Director to carry the torch and continue to thrive on fun, dreams, and a passion for loving where we live. Not sold yet? Check out our 4 reasons why you should join the C3 Board:

1. Feel Good About Your Free Time. I can’t tell you how many awesome people I talk to who are just waiting to find the right cause to join. I am not saying C3 is for everyone, but it is pretty sweet to find one organization that covers learning new things, going out, and volunteering for great causes. One of the many reasons I joined is because I couldn’t pick one cause or non-profit to dedicate my time. I wanted something that would be as well-rounded and diverse as my interests. I want to be clear: it is perfectly fine to live life without being on a Board, it’s your free time, do whatever the heck you want with it. But for me it makes me feel like I am doing something that makes a difference. I am taking the time to help others. There are so many groups that have helped me feel at home and loved in the various cities I have lived in, I wanted to be a part of something that (hopefully) creates that environment for others.

2. Get Connected to Indy for Yourself, Not for Your Job. I was so proud to see no business cards were handed out at our events. I am sure it happened, but I missed it. I think there is something to be said about the vibe you get at an event. We wanted to create an environment where it was less important where you worked and more important about who you are as a person. When getting to know new people, I know I sometimes lean on my work and who I know in the community, rather than who I am and my interests outside of my job. Our Board worked hard to make sure people felt comfortable and welcome without caring what job, connections, or friends they had.

3. Make Time for New & Old Friends. From C3, I have made a ton of new lasting friendships, joined a book club, hiking club, and (I’ll admit it) made a couple work connections. Now when I go to any event in Indy, I am guaranteed to run into a pal. I know for a fact, without being involved in the Board, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable in Indy as I do now.

4. Pad Your Resume. It’s not just that though. From being a Director, I have learned a lot about (and drastically improved) my managerial and team-building skills. In fact, two of our Directors got new jobs and they swear a huge factor was being able to talk about their C3 role. Nice work Jen and Shea! I have also learned a ton about what drives me, where I want to focus my energy and ideas, and how to get there.

Leaving the Board is going to be hard. But from this experience, I have the courage to try new things and challenge myself in diverse ways. It also helps that our fearless leaders Dustin and Kyle and going to crush it. And of course, I will still attend awesome C3 events!

If you are interested in becoming a Director, learn more!

Post by Allison Potteiger, the current Circle City Connect Vice President and Creative Director. She is a co-founder of Circle City Connect. 

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