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3 Podcasts for the Millennial Female

New to podcast listening? Podcast Fanatic? Either way, if you are searching for something new and you’re a millennial female, check out these 3 podcasts. All things feminism, celeb gossip, and being a #girlboss.

1. “Millennial,” Radiotopia

Number one on the list has to be “Millennial” which is an autobiographical podcast told by the sweet, optimistic, and (sometimes) naive, Megan Tan as she graduates college and attempts to maneuver the mystical world of adulthood.

The theme of the show revolves around surviving your 20’s and finding a sense of purpose while doing so. You will laugh. You will cry. You will cringe. You will smile weirdly into the distance with your headphones in while your coworkers question your sanity. It’s fun.

In Season 1, Megan tells her own story, with each episode an anecdote on dating, self-worth, family dynamics, or career. Then in Season 2, Megan moves to interviewing others on similar topics covered in Season 1.

How to Listen: Podcast app on iphone via Soundcloud,

2. “Lady Gang,” PodcastOne

Another must for female twenty-somethings. Becca Tobin of Glee, Keltie Knight of E! News, and clothing designer, Jac Vanek, cover all things pop culture, feminism, and taboo lady topics. Nothing is off limits. “Good Week, Bad Week” is their weekly segment which will make you realize that the ladies are more relatable than you thought. Each episode features a celebrity guest, medical professional, or personal friend. Recent episodes include guests such as healthy-eating guru, Crosby Tailor, social media expert, Calli Cholodenko, and Spencer Pratt of ‘Speidi’ from The Hills.

How to Listen: Podcast app for iPhone or online

3. “The Morning Breath,” Youtube

Live from Oath Studios, every weekday at 10:30am EST on Facebook and Instagram are the Oshry sisters, Jackie and Claudia Oshry. Claudia is @girlwithnojob, the infamous meme Instagrammer with almost 3 million followers, and she doesn’t hold back on the sass. Perfect for when you just want to listen to something uplifting and happy. No sad stuff. No crappy news (usually).

Because some days, you can’t bear to hear another headline about the political climate and you’d rather indulge in the latest Kardashian drama. The ladies cover the top 5 stories of the day in entertainment news, with some current events, tech news, and others. They also recap our favorite junk tv shows, like the Bachelorette and Real Housewives. The show usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

How To Listen: Available as a video on Youtube or a podcast on the IPhone app if you miss it Live on FB/IG:

Post by Marissa Farmer. Marissa is a marketing pro, social media fanatic, crazy cat lady and self-proclaimed wine-o. While not working, you can find her in the kitchen churning up something yummy or watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.