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5 Reasons You Should Join Us at Tappers Arcade Bar for November’s Around Town

We’re not sure where, how, or why (okay let’s be honest with ourselves, we can pretty much assume why) someone came up with the harmonious combination of craft beer and arcade games. It’s a concept that makes us reevaluate our life decisions and ponder why we couldn’t come up with such a simple, yet glorious idea. I know, now we have you thinking about it. You’re wondering “Why couldn’t I have been that genius raking in that fat, wonderful pile of cash?”  Well we have five awesome reasons why you should quit worrying about that and join us for the November 7 Around Town at Tappers Arcade Bar.

1. That sweet, variety-filled menu of craft beer.

Tappers offers a variety of craft beers on draft to keep your thirst quenched while you’re showing your friends how awesome you are at Frogger…or while you’re drinking away your sorrows after losing several rounds of Joust. Either way, be sure to check the draft menu on the day of the event as Tappers likes to keep it fresh by rotating it daily!

2. They have more than 45 games …

and they’re all free as long as you purchase something! Which, honestly, why wouldn’t you with that awesome draft  menu? From Super Mario Bros. to Mortal Kombat II, you can test your might against other Circle City Connect members to your heart’s content!

3. You’ll have one more thing in common with your parents.

We won’t tell you to show off at the family Thanksgiving, but we won’t blame you for busting out your new found Centipede skills when dad starts talking about, “back in my day.”

4. Tappers is Indy’s first arcade bar.

We can’t think of a better way to spend our Tuesday night than supporting a local, trendsetting business that brings so much joy and HADOUKENS to Indy.

5. Speaking of local, did we mention the craft beer didn’t we?

Okay, okay, you’re right, we did. BUT, we are going to mention it again because Tappers focuses on serving regional craft beer options and we’ll cheers all day to local businesses supporting other local businesses.

See you November 7 C3 followers!